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David St. George, Master Flight InstructorIf you are looking for a flight instructor or a professional pilot to ferry or help fly your plane, I would love to help. As a lifelong pilot, I have taught flying for over 25 years and accumulated over 13,000 hours of dual instruction given. I have flown 135 Charter as a Captain and also qualified as a Master Instructor for ten renewals. My students have actually taught me all I know about teaching...and fortunately, I am still teaching and learning every day!

Visit the East Hill website if you are in the Upstate NY area.

Whether we can work together as a team to meet your goals is of course a matter of chemistry and coordination. I do travel but mostly try to stay in Upstate NY. Please give a call (607)351-3637 or email me and we can get together and discuss your situation. I am a Cirrus Approved instructor and approved for the Garmin G-1000 system.


Instructors please check the link at CFI Stuff on my pilot examiner web site.  Also, Master Instructor LLC is FAA Approved for Master Instructors Certification and renewal! Please consider a membership in The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators as a more transparent and member-run instructor organization. Try the CFI Toolkit (FREE) App for everything a CFI needs.



Young Eagles David and Rod Machado at OSH David and Sarah The Learning Web Visit
The start of great things! Rod Machado, an amazing educator! Students like Sarah keep flying fun! New CT-LSA is exciting for everyone!